Home Wireless Networking

Networking your home is not as difficult as it seems, you do have to choose between the wireless technology and the ether which is the conventional way of connecting with cables. When you use the wireless technology you have the advantage of moving from room to room with in the house or even on the porch and by the pool side with out the trouble of connecting wires and cables.


Wireless technology works through radio waves, the devices required are the same but they are connected via radio waves. Your homes wireless net working has to be done by a professional, the need to install firewalls and other safety precautions will all have to be worked out. When buying a wireless router you must check out the available products in the market, routers are the devices that connect the computers to each other as well as to the internet. A dual band draft N wireless router like the DIR855 will have the following features;

  • Better performance as compared to the Draft 802.11n Routers with dual band facilities.
  • A good engine which has a great technology and is excellent for gaming.
  • It has the capacity to work with the existing wireless devices.
  • It also has Ethernet ports which will give good speeds in networking.

This DIR855 is devised to increase speed, range and performance, while operating hi end computers gaming consoles and computers as explained by networking site, BestNetworkingHardware.com. The dual band enables safe use of the internet, along with running movies, music and online games smoothly over the wireless internet. The ports for wired networking allow you to connect to the internet via cables if you want high speeds.

This device allows you to maintain your home wireless network security and provides you all your home wireless networking solutions. If you want more information or home networking tutorials just check online, you will find answers to all your problems. The wireless solutions are all simple to use and give good firewall protection, they boast of the best security systems. Before you pick your choice be sure to check a few different brands and compare prices.


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