The Difference Between Switches and Hubs

Physically, switches and hubs do look alike, but actually working principle is different. Lots mentioning switch-hub, ostensibly depicts a device name. A hub is a hub and a switch is a switch, both of which are network devices that are not the same.

Hubs and switches have many differences. Here is the difference between switches and hubs.

1. Work on OSI Layer different

Hub works on OSI layer first, namely the physical layer or physical layer. No different as cable or wifi signal, which only transmits data only. Switch works on the second layer of the OSI Layer, Data Link yiaitu.

2. How much simpler work where?

Working hubs only to receive and transmit electrical signals through the cord. Switch not only send or receive signals, but also process information at the data link layer. The information is checked in the form of mac address of each computer and connected devices.

3. Level of Reliability

Although the workings of the hub was simple, but good performance of switching over from the hub. Why is that? This is because the switch use selection to all pernagkat or computers connected to him. selected by a switch in the form of the MAC address of a computer or network-connected devices.

While the hub does not have this capability, so any signal that ditermia hub through one port, it will be sent as a whole to all ports. This is because the hub does not have the ability to ascertain where the signal received at the destination. Remember, the only hub for receiving and sending signals.

4. The data transfer rate

Because the switch selects first mac address which becomes the goal, then it is easy to transmit data more quickly. Unlike a hub that sends the signal spread / thoroughly, no matter which device becomes the destination of the data.

6. Setting or manageable

Hubs can not be regulated at all or on-set. Switch with manageable label can be set to block or allow the computer is allowed to connect with him. Switch can divide the LAN network segment into two or more segments a LAN although physically located within the same network, it is known as the Virtual LAN or VLAN.

5. The network security system

When the data sent by the hub to the destination, surely the data in kedaan intact. However, with the switch, the data sent is not necessarily complete. Not because the switch was unable to send in their entirety. But every packet of data sent by the switch definitely check first to make sure any data sent is secure. So, for data deemed suspicious will not arrive at the destination computer.

7. Price

We have seen a variety of advantages of the switch, as described above. So do not be surprised if the price of the switch can be more expensive than the hub.